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hpObserver is a small program that allows you to monitor networks and website's (or IP's if you prefer).

Current features include;

- Monitor HTTP, HTTPS or UNC path
- Continuous or single pass monitoring
- Comparison validation
- hpHosts inclusion status
- Malware Domain List inclusion status
- Obtain Servers IP(s)
- Obtain rDNS (PTR) for server IP(s)
- Obtain webpage size (in bytes)
- Obtain ASN data for IPs
- Print/Save results
- Send URL to Browser Defender
- Send URL to Exploit Labs Link Scanner
- Send URL to hpHosts Online
- Send URL to Malware Domain List
- Send URL to Norton Safe Web
- Send URL to SiteAdvisor
- Send URL to TrustedSource
- Send URL to vURL Desktop Edition or vURL online edition
- Send URL to Web of Trust
- Send URL to Web Sniffer
- Server response code (i.e. 200, 404, 501 etc)

Download hpObserver

Download this application.

Frequently Asked Questions

View some of the questions often asked about this application.

How To's

Not sure how to use a particular feature?, find the answers here.

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