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Spambot Search Tool

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How To's
How do I add a whitelist?
How do I add the counter to my website?
How do I install this?

How do I add a whitelist?
I was asked recently by a friend, if there was a whitelisting function, and whilst it does not currently have one, you can add one yourself.

To do so, follow the steps below.

1. Open check_spammers_plain.php
2. Find (approx line #518):

// ********************************************
// Okay, lets process the details shall we?
// ********************************************

3. Add BEFORE:

// Check Whitelist
$sWhitelist = file_get_contents('whitelist.txt');
if(strpos($sWhitelist, $sName) || strpos($sWhitelist, $sMail) || strpos($sWhitelist, $sIP)){

4. Save and close the file.
5. Create a new text file called whitelist.txt

You can now add any IP/username/e-mail you want to whitelist, to whitelist.txt, remembering to seperate them with a comma. For example;,joe@box.com,,etc,etc

How do I add the counter to my website?
The code to add the counter is located in index.php, but for clarity, all you need to do is paste the following wherever you'd like it to appear in your webpage (e.g. site_footer.php to include it in the footer of all of your sites pages);

include('counter.txt'); echo ' spammers blocked';

How do I install this?
All you need to do to install this is;

1. Download check_spammers.zip
2. Extract the Check_Spammers folder
3. Copy/Upload the Check_Spammers folder and ALL of it's contents, to a folder on your web server.

Note, you MUST ensure you upload it to a publicly accessable folder, for example on IIS this would be;




4. Ensure counter.txt and the spambots folder, are writable by the web server.

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