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B Gone

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How To's
Using the B Gone whitelist
Changing restricted redirection website
Enabling tabbed browser compatibility mode
Installing updates
Step by step instructions: Using B Gone for the first time

Using the B Gone whitelist
The whitelist was introduced into B Gone as a way of permitting certain sites that contained words/phrases in the black list (such as vitalsecurity.org).

It is NOT recommended to put words into the whitelist, only websites (these should also exclude the protocol prefix (i.e. http://)). For example;


Screenshot: http://mysteryfcm.co.uk/misc/imgBGWhitelist.gif

Placing only websites into the list prevents mis-use by websites that utilize words in an attempt to bypass or evade the blacklist.

Changing restricted redirection website
By default B Gone will redirect requests to the following error page;


Those wishing to change this may do so by logging into the B Gone settings and changing the appropriate option to a website of your choosing.

Enabling tabbed browser compatibility mode
This feature has been enabled in order to allow those that requested support for such, to use B Gone.

To enable this feature, place a tick in the setting labelled

Bypass SDI routine for MDI compatibility

Installing updates
To install an update, create a folder within the main B Gone folder, and call it "backups". Then copy the contents of the main B Gone folder to the newly created backups folder, and extract the contents of the .zip files to the main B Gone folder.

Step by step instructions: Using B Gone for the first time
Step 1. When you first start B Gone, you will see an icon added to your tasktray. This icon allows you access to change your password, add/remove words from the list and exit the program.

Step 2. Selecting either Options or Exit will bring up the authorisation dialog (password dialog). If this is your first time using B Gone, simply click OK (leaving the box blank). If not, enter your password (case sensitive).

Step 3. Once you have entered your password B Gone will either close (if you chose Exit) or show you the Options dialog.

From the Options dialog you may change the settings, change your password or edit the filter.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you check the items in the filter before enabling B Gone, failing to do so may result in ALL websites being blocked (including this one)

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