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AB Extension Pack
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AB Extension Pack

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How To's
Uninstalling the extension pack manually
Backing up your registry
Installing the extension pack manually

Uninstalling the extension pack manually
If you used the No-install package to install the extensions, you can uninstall them by following the steps below.

1. Open the AB Extension Pack\Reg_Files\ folder and run;


2. Delete the AB Extension Pack folder
3. Re-start your web browser

Backing up your registry
Before installing the extension pack, we strongly reccomend backing up your registry. This can be achieved using the .bat files included within the no-install and Full Install packages.

If you are using the Full Install package, simply tick "Backup the Windows registry" (listed under "Backup").

If you are using the No-install package, you may use the batch files provided;

backreg.bat - To be used on NT systems and above (i.e. 2000, XP)
backreg9x.bat* - To be used on Windows ME and below (i.e. 98SE, 95)

By default, when running the batch file, the backup of your registry is stored in the root (e.g. C:\). This may be changed by opening the batch file in Notepad and changing the path to a location of your choice.

Installing the extension pack manually
1. Extract the contents of the zip file to the Avant Browser program folder (or a folder of your choosing)

This should automatically create a new folder called "Extensions" with the zip file contents contained within it. Along with a new folder inside the Extensions folder, named "Reg_Files" (this contains the .reg files you can use for selectively installing extensions).

2. Backup your registry using either backreg/backreg9x.bat (see Backing up your registry)

3. Open InstallExt.reg (see Installation notes) in Notepad and change the paths to reflect your system

For example, if your Program Files\Avant Browser folder is located in;

X:\Wherever\Program Files\Avant Browser\

You would change;

C:\\Program Files\\Avant Browser\\Extensions\\Lookup\\luACF.htm


X:\\Wherever\\Program Files\\Avant Browser\\Extensions\\Lookup\\luACF.htm

IMPORTANT: The paths MUST remain double slashed!

4. Save, close then double click on the .reg file
5. Re-start your browser

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