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vURL Desktop Edition
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vURL Desktop Edition

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Version: 0.3.7 Date/Time: 01/08/2009 19:03:02
Modified: Moved all files/folders to /Storage/ (inc .ini, dl_temp etc)

Fixed: Headers not correctly extracted when Javascript comes before HTML tags
Fixed: Issues with proxy mirrors

Misc: Other minor modifications/updates

Version: 0.3.6 Date/Time: 21/10/2008 20:53:41
Fixed: Buffer overflow on excessively large pages (http://forum.hosts-file.net/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=783)

Version: 0.3.5 Date/Time: 16/09/2008 23:19:31
Added: Server selection (see notes)

Modified: Various other modifications
Modified: Updated EULA (End User Licence Agreement)

In accordance with the recent changes to vURL Online, I've added an option to use one of the mirrors that have been made available courtesy of my friends at;

TeMerc Internet Countermeasures - www.temerc.com
Version: 0.3.4 Date/Time: 12/08/2008 21:33:00
Modified: Double checks via alternate routine when hostname fails to resolve

Fixed: iFrame and Script counts

Version: 0.3.3 Date/Time: 08/08/2008 06:27:11
Added: Detect all IP's that a hostname resolves to (including rDNS for those IP's)

Modified: Source button now enabled when clicking to view application log before dissecting site
Modified: Redesigned settings dialog
Modified: Various other modifications

Version: 0.3.2 Date/Time: 30/07/2008 07:05:59
Added: Connect via proxy
Added: Prompt when iFrames found (previously only highlighted them)

Modified: Re-written malicious link detection routine

Fixed: Minor bug with prompts (scripts etc being found) not being displayed

The "Connect via proxy" option was added for those on ISP's such as Cox, that block known malicious domains, but still need access to them.
Version: 0.2.9 Date/Time: 25/03/2008 06:10:44
Added: Colour coding based on hpHosts classification (see notes)
Added: hpHosts classification now shown if listed
Added: PhishTank integration
Added: Clear All option to context menu (requested)

Fixed: Minor error with JS escaping when string contains line break or tabs

Misc: Other minor modifications

I've modified the hpHosts query to bring it inline with the new hpHosts query that I wrote for vURL Online. This now also includes a new colour coding, based on classification;

1. Not yet classified = orange
2. ATS or GRM = Yellow
3. All others (EMD, FSA
Version: 0.2.8 Date/Time: 09/03/2008 17:55:53
Added: Save source to file, including list of links

Fixed: IP not detected when dissecting FTP link containing @ symbol (see notes)
Fixed: Double seperator on right click when not selecting link in source window
Fixed: WhoIs info not displayed when dissecting IP instead of hostname

Modified: Updated ReadMe (Release Notes > General Information)

Misc: Other minor modifications

Previously when dissecting FTP links, the IP was not extracted if the link contained the @ symbol, as is now commonly used by phishers.

To see an example of this, please see the two following links. The first is an example e-mail I received for an eBay p
Version: 0.2.7 Date/Time: 04/03/2008 23:51:45
Fixed: Minor issue when extracting links from meta refresh tag

Misc: Other minor modifications

Version: 0.2.6 Date/Time: 28/02/2008 23:27:39
Added: Server IP PTR
Added: Check MDL status (malwaredomainlist.com)

Modified: hpHosts status now shown in main source window aswell

Fixed: Corrected minor issue with Owner info not showing if using MS XML method

Misc: Other minor modifications

Version: 0.2.5 Date/Time: 10/01/2008 03:03:12
Added: View server headers
Added: Enable/disable hpHosts check

Misc: Other minor modifications

Version: 0.2.4 Date/Time: 29/12/2007 03:57:44
Added: Description for response codes when using MSXML method
Added: Method being used, to title bar

Fixed: User Agent drop down box showing log instead of UA file
Fixed: Error when antivirus deletes temporary content storage file (see notes)

Misc: Other minor modifications

I've corrected a bug in the program that occurs when you download a malicious site's content, and the antivirus program deletes vURL DE's temporary content storage file.

Whats actually annoying is, I only noticed this as I am running Kaspersky IS on the
Version: 0.2.3 Date/Time: 21/12/2007 02:08:22
Added: Sample User Agent strings file
Added: Full Vista detection
Added: Over-ride logging and configuration locations (see notes)

Modified: Re-written logging routines
Modified: Re-written configuration saving routines

Fixed: Path/File error when launching program from a limited account on XP or Vista
Fixed: User Agent and Referer not saved
Fixed: Minor bug when pasting URL (auto-protocol detection routine has been removed)

I've added a routine to allow over-riding the location used for saving the logs and settings when running Vista. To use this, simply create a file called "override.txt" in the same folder as the application, and the logs and configuration, will be treated
Version: 0.2.1 Date/Time: 22/11/2007 04:47:16
Fixed: Send button doesn't re-appear when changing from Misc Tools mode

Version: 0.2.0 Date/Time: 14/11/2007 07:59:51
Modified: Updated link extraction routine
Modified: Various other minor modifications

Version: 0.1.9 Beta Date/Time: 11/11/2007 19:00:29
Added: Connect using MS XML
Added: Spoof user agent and referer (MS XML mode only)

Modified: Exit etc icons now position correctly

Version: 0.1.8 R2 Date/Time: 09/11/2007 09:08:36
Fixed: Minor bug when trying to dissect URL from links

This is a re-release of 0.1.8 due to a discovered bug
Version: 0.1.8 Date/Time: 09/11/2007 04:35:22
Added: Perform TrustedSource query
Added: hpHosts status (see update notes)
Added: Prompt to clean dl_temp folder when it reaches 100KB (prompts when closing program)
Added: New settings dialog
Added: Automatically scan source for scripts and executables now optional
Added: Automatically scan source for images now optional
Added: Automatically scan source for links now optional
Added: Download and process the current site every (n) mins
Added: Launch dissection in new vURL DE instance

Modified: Re-designed UI
Modified: New icon (courtesy comicfan2000 - http://comicfan2000.googlepages.com)
Modified: Re-written and significantly sped up link extraction
Modified: Protocol will be added when passing command thats missing it (i.e. somesite.com instead of http://somesite.com)

I've added a routine to check if the site being dissected, is listed in hpHosts. If listed, the address box will turn red.
Version: 0.1.7 Date/Time: 17/10/2007 01:15:30
Added: Send link to Site Online (requested)

Fixed: URL not accepted when passed in quotes

Unless you are using the Site Online (in development) program, or are experiencing the error fixed with this release, you do not need to update from 0.1.6
Version: 0.1.6 Date/Time: 26/09/2007 15:43:51
Added: Extra routine for JS escaping when Windows API fails

Version: 0.1.5 Date/Time: 24/07/2007 17:41:35
Added: WhoIs Information

Modified: Net-block button renamed to "Owner Info"
Modified: Re-written Net-block query routine to support WhoIs aswell
Modified: Changed Net-block query URL

Misc: Other minor modifications

Version: 0.1.4 Date/Time: 13/05/2007 09:27:53
Added: Implemented auto-detection of Base64 when pasting into conversion box

Modified: Image and link detection (see notes)
Modified: Netblock detection now only loaded once for each domain
Modified: Improved resource and display speed
Modified: Backend cleanup
Modified: About dialog updated and cleaned up

Fixed: Base64 bug

Misc: Other minor modifications

I've moved the detection of links and images out of the initial routines to improve resources and speed issues.

Instead, these are only detected and listed, when you click the corresponding option.
Version: 0.1.3 Date/Time: 05/05/2007 02:45:39
Added: Decode HTML (e.g. :myema%69l%40%65%78ample.%63om)

Modified: Removed MS Script control dependancy
Modified: Port now displayed when specified in URL (e.g. http://www.someurl.com:port)
Modified: IP obtained from second domain when two domains seperated by @ (e.g. http://www.someurl.com@someotherurl.com)

Fixed: Decimal IP now converted and obtained (e.g. 2130706433 which converts to
Fixed: Error when trying to unescape string containing %00

Misc: Other minor modifications

Version: 0.1.2 Date/Time: 06/04/2007 05:03:32
Added: New command line parameters (see notes)

Modified: Re-written IP resolution routines
Modified: Updated hpHosts Online URL's

Fixed: Bad file mode on initial launch
Fixed: Runtime Error 1006 occurs when Unescaping escaped javascript
Fixed: Net-block lookup does not work after hpHosts Online domain change

Misc: Other minor modifications

The following new command line parameters have been added;

/n Output net-block
/f Output to file


vurl_de [url] /n /f:[filename]


vurl_de http://www.google.co.uk /n /f:google.txt

/n is an optional parameter, and is ignored if /f is n
Version: 0.1.1 Date/Time: 05/11/2006 02:05:27
Added: Potentially harmful file detection (see notes)
Added: document.location highlighting

Modified: Improved link/image detection routines
Modified: Logging routine
Modified: Major over-haul of ReadMe.txt

Misc: Other minor modifications

I've added a new routine that will scan the page's source code and highlight any links ending in;

1. .exe
2. .pif
3. .com
4. .js
5. .bat
6. .scr
7. .dll
8. .cab
9. .mht
10. .chm
11. .hlp

These will be highlighted in dark red and a notification shown to
Version: 0.1.0 Date/Time: 25/09/2006 02:40:49
Added: Unescape Javascript (see notes)

Fixed: Minor GUI issues
Fixed: Images/links detected but not listed (see notes)

Modified: Moved Tools (Base64) to main dialog

I'm sorry about the previous release (0.0.9), due to a major messup on my part, I broke the link and image listing. I've fixed it in this release.

With regards to the unescape Javascript addition, I did want to include functionality to decode encoded JS
Version: 0.0.9 Date/Time: 15/09/2006 17:38:16
Added: Line numbers
Added: "Dissect this link" option when highlighting URL in source window

Modified: Other minor enhancements/modifications

Version: 0.0.8 Date/Time: 11/09/2006 04:59:02
Added: Find word/phrase (with highlighting)

Fixed: Links detection will not pickup JS referenced files (i.e. href="javascript:OpenURL('somefile.htm')")

Modified: Improved link detection

Version: 0.0.7 Date/Time: 22/08/2006 11:31:03
Added: Base64 decoding

Modified: Improved image detection
Modified: Improved net-block detection

Version: 0.0.6 Date/Time: 19/08/2006 22:54:35
Added: Dissect this link (for links menu)

Fixed: Height error when loading program
Fixed: Antivirus causes Path/File Access Error (see notes)

Modified: Image/links list viewer

Because of issues with antivirus applications flagging the .vuc files when they contained malicious website's source code, the temp files now use .txt. A note has been sent to one of the AC developers that I had a report about to see if we can get this re
Version: 0.0.5 Date/Time: 07/08/2006 03:28:37
Added: Exit button
Added: Download file (when in links mode)

Fixed: Netblock save option saves source instead of netblock info
Fixed: Copy does not work properly when copying selection of source
Fixed: Copy does not work when copying images
Fixed: Copy does not work when copying links
Fixed: Extra spaces for links/images
Fixed: Log/Help/About button positions

Modified: Improved links/image detection
Modified: Image/links list viewer

Version: 0.0.4 Date/Time: 14/07/2006 18:24:34
Added: E-mail facilities
Added: Display net-block information

Removed: Microsoft XML dependancy

Please be advised, to save problems the net-block information passes the domain name to a special page on the hpHosts Online server to get the net-block information for you. Nothing other than the domain name is passed to this page.
Version: 0.0.3 Date/Time: 10/07/2006 02:31:03
Added: Images detection
Added: hpHosts Online lookup
Added: SiteAdvisor lookup
Added: Save/print links found
Added: Command line support
Added: Copy webpage source code to clipboard
Added: Disable application logs
Added: Detection, highlighting and notification of META REFRESH usage (see notes)

Fixed: Address box position when resizing
Fixed: Font used for title not always detected, even when present

Modified: Improved link detection
Modified: Content extraction routine
Modified: Temporary file naming convention
Modified: Source code print routine

In order to aid those viewing phishing or other malicious websites, support has been added for the detection of the META REFRESH tag. This tag is frequently used by malicious persons, to redirect the user to a page other than the page the user intended to
Version: 0.0.2 Alpha Date/Time: 08/06/2006 00:24:15
Fixed: Issues with installer
Fixed: Minor issue when resizing
Fixed: Control positioning error when resizing

Version: 0.0.1 Alpha Date/Time: 07/06/2006 04:58:00
First Release

This program uses and thus requires, MSXML4 or newer be installed and that scripting of such, not be blocked by third party applications, or by Windows itself

With regards to the graphics and layout, I know they are rather horrid at present but rest assu

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