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Guestbook Generator

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Version: 1.2.6 Date/Time: 15/03/2005 22:57:30
Added: Application logging

Modified: addtogb.asp generation script (see notes)
Modified: Step 5 "path" label (now coded as an active hyperlink)
Modified: Step 1/Edit "Title" field (now restricted to max 50 characters)
Modified: Field name allowance (now restricts certain special characters)

Misc: Other minor modifications

Due to confusion with the textarea field and allowing multi-line, I've modified the script generator to automatically make the necessary adjustments. Please note however, this will make the adjustment to ALL textarea fields, regardless of whether or not y
Version: 1.2.5 Date/Time: 26/01/2005 20:28:51
Modified: Guestbook creation scripts (see notes)

Misc: Other minor modifications

Due to the re-writing of the guestbook generation code and guestbook scripts, those whom created guestbooks with earlier versions of this program will find the guestbook.txt file is no longer written to in the same format (thus is not supported).

The re-
Version: 1.2.4 Date/Time: 23/09/2004 04:49:25
Added: Open/edit existing project
Added: Help file

Misc: Other minor modifications

This release includes all updates since 1.2.3 beta
Version: 1.2.3 beta Date/Time: 14/09/2004 18:35:53
Added: Custom fields
Added: Custom project name and path
Added: Wizard style interface
Added: More guestbook customization options

Modified: Completely re-designed GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Modified: Guestbook Generation routine
Modified: Guestbook settings
Modified: Settings storage
Modified: New icon

Misc: Updated EULA/Read Me
Misc: Other minor modifications

This release is a complete re-write of the original, from the UI to the guestbook options to the generation code. The main reason for this is due to my not being happy with the previous version.

There is a drawback however, unlike the previous version, t
Version: 1.2.2 Date/Time: 28/07/2004 20:55:48
.: Minor GUI corrections

Version: 1.2.1 Date/Time: 26/07/2004 15:23:46
Fixed: "File not found" error when guestbook.txt file is not present (file is now automatically created when generating your guestbook)

Added: Entry verification (now prevents blank entries)
Added: E-mail replacement

Removed: "Check for Update" dialog, now goes to the download page when you wish to look for a newer version (much easier, and smaller download)

The e-mail replacement change is an effort to prevent spam bot's grabbing address's from your guestbook.

All visitors that sign your guestbook will now have the "@" replaced with " AT "

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