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Home > Knowledge Base > ANN: I.T. Mate statement concerning product and product support changes (KBID# 19)

I.T. Mate Knowledge Base - KBID# 19

ANN: I.T. Mate statement concerning product and product support changes (KBID# 19)


Date: Tuesday 16th November 2004

As I.T. Mate is to cease developing new products for public release, and additionally, cease providing support for products we are currently making available, this document is intended to provide information to the public, and our users, as to the reasons for this decision, aswell as what will and will not be affected.

More Information

Effective immediately, I.T. Mate has decided to cease development of new products for public release, and additionally, cease providing support for the products we are currently making available, with the following exceptions;
  1. Online documentation

    The online documentation shall continue to be updated as and where necessary, and covers the Frequently Asked Questions, How To's, and any other documentation currently available on the Product Support website.

  2. Knowledgebase

    The I.T. Mate knowledgebase shall continue to be updated as and where necessary.

  3. Bug fixes

    Whilst we will not be updating our current products with new features, we shall still continue to fix bugs within them, when and if they are found.

  4. AB Edit

    As this program is for use with Avant Browser, we believe it vital that it is kept upto date with the latest releases of Avant Browser itself.
All products we are currently making available, shall continue to remain available as freeware for those that wish to use it. Additionally, all website's and online services provided by ourselves, shall continue to remain maintained and updated where necessary.

Though there are several reasons for the decision that has been made, the deciding factor is quite simply as I am sick and tired of receiving rather abusive and insulting e-mails and am no longer prepared to put up with them.

I.T. Mate is NOT a company, everything that is made available via our website's (including our software), is developed, maintained and supported by one person (myself). No charge is made or requested for the use of said provisions (monetary or otherwise) and as such, I do not feel there is any possible justification for those that have sent the afformentioned kind of e-mails, to have done so.


The decision as to whether or not the afformentioned is permanent or temporary, has not yet been decided. Until such a decision is made, I would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience's these changes cause.

I would additionally like to thank all of those that have supported both myself and the work I have done thus far including (but in no way limited to); Bob McKenzie, Scott Williams, Ken Howey, Donna Buenaventura, George Gedye, Mark Ridgway, Dee Hughes, Sandra (Sandi) Hardmeier, Andrew Cole, Jonathan and Christine Wright, along with all of the moderators and administrators at the Avant Browser forums.

The information in this article applies to:
  1. I.T. Mate products (all)
Published: 16/11/2004 20:12:31
Updated: 16/11/2004 20:39:58

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