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Home > Knowledge Base > DeleteFile failed: Code 5 (KBID# 1)

I.T. Mate Knowledge Base - KBID# 1

DeleteFile failed: Code 5 (KBID# 1)


"Error occured when trying to replace [Filename]
Delete File Failed: code 5
Access is denied."

Delete File failed: Code 5 occurs when trying to install [Program Name]


DeleteFile failed: Code 5 is an error that can sometimes occur when trying to replace a file during the installation of a program. The reasons for this have not yet been confirmed but are thought to be caused by other programs locking the file's that the installation routine attempts to replace, normally because the program thats locked it is currently running.


To resolve this issue, when installing an application, click Ignore to bypass the file, or if available, use one of the "no install" packages instead. DO NOT replace your current file.

Additional Information

An additional error message "DeleteFile Failed: Code 32" may also occur during program installation. As the resolution for this error is the same as the Code 5 resolution, the above should be taken as applying to this aswell.



The information in this article applies to:
  1. Microsoft Windows 98
  2. Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
  3. Microsoft Windows ME
  4. Microsoft Windows NT
  5. Microsoft Windows 2000
  6. Microsoft Windows XP Home
  7. Microsoft Windows XP Pro
  8. Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Published: 13/06/2001 13:41:01
Updated: 23/03/2005 10:51:46

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