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Privacy Policy

I.T. Mate is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all of our visitors and all of our users as we believe your personal data and information is just that, personal.

There is however, some information that is logged by our server, and this is detailed below.

Logged by our server

As with 99% of other website's, when you visit a I.T. Mate (.it-mate.co.uk, .mysteryfcm.co.uk, .hosts-file.net, .surl.co.uk) website, the following information is automatically logged by our server;
  1. IP Address
  2. Date and time of visit
  3. Browser (i.e. Internet Explorer)
  4. Referrer (where you came from (e.g. dogpile.com))
This is standard information that is logged by virtually every website online. As we delete all of our log's on a daily basis, none of the above information is kept by I.T. Mate.

Note: Due to abuse, a database of requests is logged by the vURL Online server (vurl.mysteryfcm.co.uk). The data logged includes: IP address, date and time, and the URL dissected.

Personal information

When you register for a I.T. Mate service, you may be asked to supply us with 1 or more of the following items;
  1. Your name
  2. Your E-mail address
  3. Your chosen username
  4. Your chosen password
I.T. Mate only keeps this information to allow us to associate a person with an account and in the case of your e-mail address, to allow us to send your confirmation e-mail. Should you not wish us to keep this information, you can request to have your account deleted. Requests for such shall be processed the minute we receive them, and a confirmation sent to yourself to confirm such.

E-mail correspondence

When you contact ourselves either for feedback (including comments/questions/suggestions) or to get support/report a bug with one or more of our products, a temporary "log" is created for you. This log is stored out of reach of third parties and is intended solely to allow us to keep track of the correspondence between ourselves and the sender. Once such query has been answered and said answer solved said problem, all correspondence concerning said sender, is deleted immediately to protect the integrity of said senders personal information.

Access to your personal information

Should you wish to view the information we have stored about you, you may do so at your convenience. When wishing to do so, you MUST supply us with the e-mail address you used to register your account as this is used to verify the person requesting such data, is indeed, the person whom registered for such account.

Please note: we will NOT accept or process requests from third parties, under any circumstances (except in cases where such third party is a law enforcement officer (i.e. Police, FBI, CIA, court official) and said third party, has a verifiable legal document that entitles them to such information)).

Security of your personal information

When you register for a I.T. Mate service, the information you provide is stored in a secure database outside our website(s) to prevent unauthorized persons accessing it.

Protection of childrens personal information

I.T. Mate does not knowingly collect personal information from persons under 16 (sixteen) years of age. Should we find an account registered to a child, all identifiable information about such, is deleted without hesitation.

We would encourage all internet users that allow their children access to the internet (including our own services), to encourage their children to use an alias and forwarding e-mail address when using forums, guestbooks or other services.

Unfortunately the internet is becoming a very dangerous place to be for children and we must do what we can to change that. Therefore, encouraging your children to use free forwarding e-mails, an alias and NEVER provide their gender or age in places such as forums and chat rooms. This does not directly stop or rid the dangers, but it greatly lowers the chance of your children being sought out.

I.T. Mate uses sessions and/or cookies for certain parts of our website's to ensure the integrity of the registration, login, and deletion processes. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer by a web page server. Cookies cannot be used to run programs, or other malicious content on your computer. Cookies used, are uniquely assigned to yourself, and can only be read by the web server that created it.

For the most part, I.T. Mate has stopped using cookies, and instead, started using sessions. A session is not stored on your computer, but instead, stored in memory on our servers. As with cookies, these are uniquely assigned to yourself, and can only be read by the web server that created them. Once you leave our website, the session associated with yourself, is destroyed.

Note: sessions still require you have cookies enabled, or they will not work. In cases where such occurs, you may find you cannot access the account you registered for as the session is not created and thus, your credentials will not be verified.

Third parties

Under no circumstances shall I.T. Mate share, sell, lease or otherwise provide ANY third party with ANY of the details supplied to us by yourself. We believe the information you provide to us is just that, private, and is treated as such.

I.T. Mate Forums

I.T. Mate checks our forums several times daily. Should any inappropriate information be found, it is deleted immediately, without hesitation. I.T. Mate shall not accept liability for any remarks posted in our forums, that are not clearly authorized, or posted by I.T. Mate.

I.T. Mate Products and Services

All products and services, including accompanying file's, developed and published by I.T. Mate are provided as freeware. I.T. Mate shall not;
  1. Require registration for said product and/or service*
  2. Require payment for said product and/or service
  3. "bundle" or include third party software with said product and/or service
  4. "bundle" or include malware with said product and/or service
  5. Include adverts or popups/unders with said product and/or service
I.T. Mate shall NEVER authorize third parties to bundle our products and/or services, with said third parties products and/or services. In addition, I.T. Mate expressly forbids ANY website that requires membership (of ANY description) listing I.T. Mate products and/or services. Websites that do NOT require membership that wish to list our products and/or services are permitted to do so aslong as I.T. Mate is given the chance before hand, to view and approve such a listing.

* Except where said registration is to associate a user with an account (e.g forums, sGB)


I.T. Mate shall NOT accept liability for any comments posted on an account that is not clearly authorized or posted by I.T. Mate, including but not limited to; sGB guestbooks, forums, e-mail correspondence, IM (Instant Message)/PM (Private Message), newsgroups, blogs, newsletters, chat rooms and all other such postings.

Spammers and spam

Under no circumstances shall I.T. Mate send correspondence to I.T. Mate users or other such parties, without said party first requesting such correspondence. In addition, should such a request be made, I.T. Mate will NEVER include attatchments or other such file's in said correspondence. Instead, if required, a link to such file on a I.T. Mate approved server, shall be supplied.

Approved servers

The only approved servers used by myself are;


Changes to this policy

I.T. Mate reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, without prior notice. Because such changes occasionally take place, we would ask you periodically review this policy to stay informed about our commitments to your privacy and experience at I.T. Mate.

Enforcement of this policy

Quesions concerning this policy should be directed to ourselves via the forums provided.

Contact information

I.T. Mate no longer provides offline contact information for ourselves due to abuse. As such, all questions, comments and/or suggestions, should be directed to ourselves either via our forums, or via the contact form provided.

Last Updated: Sunday 22nd June 2008 01:19 GMT London

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