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I.T. Mate Product Support

Featured Product [ hpObserver ]

Program: hpObserver
Version: 0.6.18
Release Date: 21/04/2015

More info ...
hpObserver is a small program that allows you to monitor networks and website's (or IP's if you prefer).

Current features include;

- Monitor HTTP, HTTPS or UNC path
- Continuous or single pass monitoring
- Comparison validation
- hpHosts inclusion status
- Malware Domain List inclusion status
- Obtain ASN Information
- Obtain Country information
- Obtain Servers IP(s)
- Obtain rDNS (PTR) for server IP(s)
- Obtain webpage size (in bytes)
- Print/Save results (Text, HOSTS, HTML, CSV, Outpost, Online Armour)
- Send URL to CleanMX (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to Exploit Labs Link Scanner
- Send URL to Exalead
- Send URL to Google
- Send URL to hpHosts Online (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to ISSViews WhoIs
- Send URL to Malware Domain List (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to MXToolbox
- Send URL to Norton Safe Web (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to PeeringDB (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to Quttera
- Send URL to RobTex
- Send URL to SiteAdvisor (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to TrustedSource (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to URLQuery
- Send URL to URLVoid
- Send URL to VirusTotal (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to vURL Desktop Edition or vURL online edition
- Send URL to Web Of Trust
- Send URL to Web Sniffer
- Send URL to ZeusTracker (IP or hostname)
- Server response code (i.e. 200, 404, 501 etc)

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New and Updated Products
Latest Updates New Products
Product Name Release Date
hpHosts 16/03/2018
hpHosts 12/02/2018
hpHosts 17/12/2017
hpHosts 03/02/2017
hpHosts 21/12/2016
Product Name Release Date
Spambot Search Tool 13/12/2008
Outlook Export 15/07/2008
hpObserver 03/12/2007
vURL Desktop Edition 07/06/2006
AB Extension Pack 02/06/2005

These pages provide support for I.T. Mate products ONLY.

For support with NON I.T. Mate products, please see the following.

Microsoft Windows issues:

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Sandi's Site
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Software Updates\Patches:

Calendar Of Updates
Microsoft Update

Phishing, scams, hoaxes resources:

Hoax Slayer
Federal Trade Commission

Virus, spyware and parasite resources:

Malwarebytes (anti-malware software)
Microsoft Security Essentials (anti-malware software)
Doxdesk (parasites/spyware)
Spyware Beware (parasites/spyware)
Bazooka Online Encyclopedia (parasites/spyware)
Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Websites
PC Pitstop

All others issues not covered by the above:

Montana Menagerie
TeMerc Internet Countermeasures
Counter Exploitation (Cexx)
Kill Spyware
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